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The Original Cape Pink, De Krans Wine


De Krans is one of the leading port producers in South Africa continuously producing excellent quality port-style wines.  In order to build on this tradition of excellence, a decision was made to create a port-style wine suited to South African conditions and relative warm climate.  This led to the idea to follow the growing current popularity of rośe wines and translate this into something that a port lover could enjoy all year round.It was decided to create something similar to a White Port with more fruit flavour, depth and length.  Finally, late 2007, winemaking brothers Boets and Stroebel Nel decided to make their idea a reality by creating fortified rośe from traditional varieties during the 2008 harvest.  The wine was made early February 2008 and the result exceeded all their expectations.  Naming this new baby was a real challenge, until they discovered that Marks & Spencer in the UK had just launched a new port made by Croft, one of the original port houses in the Douro Valley of Portugal, called Croft Pink.  Voila!  The new wine got the name De Krans Cape Pink.

De Krans Cape Pink is made from traditional port varieties Touriga Naçional, Tinta Barocca and Souzão.  The lovely blush colour was acquired by allowing only a few hours skin contact and the juice then cool-fermented for approximately 5 days before fortification with unmatured brandy spirit.  This new style of port is aimed at all port lovers that will enjoy this wonderful freshness and flavour spectrum all year round.

De Krans Wine Cellar, South Africa



Tasting Notes
This port-style wine is with a loverly vibrant blush colour, rich ripe flavours of fresh red berries and a long, lingering aftertaste.  Enjoy well-chilled, or on crushed ice in summer as an aperitif with nuts and olives.  In the cooler months of the year, this port can also be served at room temperature with olives, nuts or any pâté of your choice.

Rating & Awards
This wine was rated 3-star by the world famous John Platters South African Wine Guide 2010 and also a Gold Medal at Michelangelo Wine Awards.

Wine Analysis
Type: Port-style wine
Grapes: Tinta Barocca, Touriga Naçional and Souzão
Alcohol: 18.0%

375ml per bottle

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